Mantras are words, usually in Sanskrit, which are used to create a specific vibratory influence. In Jyotish, we use mantras that have vibratory qualities that harmonize with the vibration of certain planets. The mantras are chanted for the purpose of diminishing negative experiences and enhancing positive experiences in various aspects of life. In this respect they are very much like gemstones in their effect. With mantras, however, there is the added value that chanting mantras is much more beneficial for spiritual development than wearing gemstones. Even if the person is chanting a mantra in order to improve their finances, the very nature of chanting mantras is prayer, and is therefore a higher form of upaya.

There is another benefit to using mantras. Mantras can be used for a wider variety of planets than gemstones. In a person's chart, there are usually between 1-3 gemstones that can safely be worn. The mantras for all of the 9 planets, on the other hand, can be chanted safely, provided they are pronounced correctly. This makes mantras more flexible, making it possible to improve almost any area of life through the use of mantras.

The drawback for some people, of course, is that mantras take time and energy to chant, whereas gemstones do not. Gemstones, on the other hand, are expensive. The time and energy have been spent earning the money required to purchase the gems. In either case, it is clear that some investment of time or money is required. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Examples of results from chanting mantras

S.M (Seattle, WA). - "As part of a large scale reorganization, my entire department at Boeing was laid off. I received my layoff notice in the mail and contacted you the next day. On your recommendation I began chanting the Venus Mantra. I have never chanted a mantra before and the whole idea was very strange to me. After 3 days of chanting the mantra, I got a call from my boss. He said there had been a change. They had decided to lay off the entire department, except for me! This seemed to be more than a coincidence".

T.S (New York, NY) - "I have been chanting the Ketu Mantra for the past year and have found that it makes me feel very smooth and seems to increase my intuition".

N.K (San Jose, CA) - After chanting the Jupiter Mantra 19 thousand times, out of the blue, I got a great job offer."