Saturn in Scorpio

November 2, 2014 - January 25, 2017

On November 2nd, Saturn will begin its two and a half year transit of the sign of Scorpio. Saturn's transit is one of the most important in Vedic astrology. Saturn is stereotypically cast as the big bugaboo planet. It is thought of as the significator of delays, obstacles, pressures and just about everything that is associated with suffering. So normally people look to the sign and house of Saturn's transit as a place where difficulties will be experienced.

On the other hand, Saturn is not really the planet of suffering. Its actual nature is quite positive. It represents patience, perseverance, hard work, focus, management ability, commitment and numerous other positive virtues that bring us positive results. In fact, withoutSaturn, the planet of structure and form, you would literally disintegrate! You would have nothing positive in your life, no house, no job, no money, no food, nothing! Every bit of material prosperity (even if you are dirt poor!) is courtesy of Saturn.

So why do so many people fear this incredible planet? Ignorance. It's like saying, "The chemistry teacher in my high school is evil! After all, he makes my life miserable. He gives me way too much homework and it is hard work. He makes me suffer. I got bad grades from him. All of the other kids in my high school think he is a horrible teacher." Those are the remarks of a child who doesn't know how to work. If you check in with a more mature student, one who actually is fascinated with chemistry and likes to work, he will put it differently. " My chemistry teacher is my favorite teacher. He has changed my life!"

Such is the case with Saturn. If you don't do the homework that Saturn sets out for you, you will get a failing grade. Saturn always challenges us to make effort in some department of life. The horoscope shows the area where Saturn will be doing its work. If you do the homework, you become stronger and Saturn becomes your best friend.

Saturn in Scorpio for You

Here is a brief description of how Saturn might challenge you during its transit in Scorpio. These predictions only apply to the period from November 2, 2014 to January 25, 2017. Also, remember that this is Vedic astrology and we use a different zodiac, so read the birth dates carefully. The descriptions are based on your Vedic Sun sign, and the birth dates for each astrological sign are different than in Western astrology. If you know your Moon sign or your lagna (rising sign) you can read the interpretations for those signs as well.

Vedic Sun Signs

Apr 14 - May 14 (Aries) Saturn is transiting through your eighth house, so this period will be one during which you could remodel and redefine your work. You could change your job completely, or just change the way you are doing your job. In either case this will probably be a positive change.

May 15 - Jun 14 (Taurus) This period will challenge you to clean up your relationships and make your boundaries clear. For some people this means taking your relationship to a new and deeper level of commitment. For others, it means setting clear boundaries for your spouse, partners and people in general. In either case, this will strengthen the area of relationship.

Jun 15 - Jul 15 (Gemini) This transit will challenge you to make effort to improve your health. This is a great time to get back to your exercise and diet routines. On another note, if you don't have a job, this could be a time when you might get one. If you are already employed, you might simply find that you are working harder. Working hard is a good thing, as long as it doesn't interfere with your health routines.

Jul 16 - Aug 16 (Cancer) During this period you are being challenged to take emotional responsibility and make deeper commitments. For some, this could be a time of deciding to have a child. If you already have children, this is a time during which your first child will take on more responsibility. If you are not married or in a relationship, this is a great time for either meeting someone new, or for taking an existing relationship to the next level.

Aug 17 - Sep 16 (Leo) During this period you could change your residence or simply remodel your existing home. This period could put pressure on your mother and may be a period of laying important foundations for yourself. This is like a seed-sowing period. The fruition of the seeds you sow in the next two years, will mature fully in 14 years when Saturn passes through Taurus.

Sep 17 - Oct 16 (Virgo) Saturn is passing through your third house, so it is challenging you to take more responsibility in the area of communications. You might find yourself hesitating or holding back a bit before saying something, because you don't want your words to come back to haunt you. This is also a typical time for going to school, or simply for having to focus on mountains of information. This is a good time for children, either having one or for an improved situation of an existing child.

Oct 17 - Nov 15 (Libra) Saturn is transiting through your second house. This will improve your finances in the next two years. You could also spend money on some kind change related to your residence. Nevertheless, this is a time to be thrifty and prudent with money. Work hard, save your money, and Saturn will bless you with more prosperity.

Nov 16- Dec 15 (Scorpio) During this period Saturn will be challenging you to take personal responsibility for getting organized, making new plans, and working toward them. This is a time for preparing and planning. It sometimes increases the feeling of responsibility. It is a great time to stay on your routines and to be methodical. Patience, perseverance and a steady pace, will pay dividends.

Dec 16 - Jan 13 (Sagittarius) Saturn is now moving through your twelfth house. This period can give you the impulse to spend money. It is a good time for business travel or travel that has a practical agenda. In spite of the tendency to spend money, it will reinforce your finances over the next two years. If you are married or in a relationship, this is a good time for the partner to put more attention on their health.

Jan 14 - Feb 12 (Capricorn) During this period, you will redefine your goals. Saturn's movement through your eleventh house will improve your finances over the course of the transit. This period can be good for reinforcing your health through routines of diet and exercise, but you will have to make an effort.

Feb 13 - Mar 13 (Aquarius) This period may create changes on the job front. You will probably redefine your work in some way or may even completely change your job. In any case, this will probably be a change for the better.

Mar 14 - Apr 13 (Pisces) Saturn is now passing through your ninth house. This period will help you redefine your goals and it will end up reinforcing your finances in the process. You might find that a friend or two makes some big changes in their lives during this period also.