Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo
August 11, 2016 - September 12, 2017

After about 6 months of feeling pretty bound up and constrained by its association with Rahu and Saturn, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, prosperity, children, knowledge and dharma, finally will be making its move into the sign of Virgo on August 11th. It will stay in Virgo for thirteen months, giving that sign a nice boost. That means that it will be producing some very positive energy, and that is a recipe for bringing some improvements in lots of people's lives.

The following is a brief description of some of the areas that might improve in your life during the period from August 11th of 2016 - September 12, 2017. Make sure you read the correct sign, paying close attention to the birth dates. Remember that Vedic astrology uses a sidereal zodiac, and that is different from the tropical zodiac used in the newspaper.

You can read the sign given for your birth date, but if you also know a little bit about your Vedic horoscope, then you can also read the predictions for your Vedic Moon sign, Ascendant sign, and Arudha Lagna sign.

Vedic Sun Signs

Apr 14 - May 14 (Aries) Jupiter will be transiting your sixth house, the house of health and employment. This is a good year for your work. If you don't have a job, then make hay while the sun shines and get out there and look for one. If you already have one, then it might improve in some way. This is also a good year of improving your health.

May 15 - Jun 14 (Taurus). This period could produce good results for health and it might also be good for your work and finances. Besides that, this is a good year for education or just taking classes. If you have children, this period will bring bigger, more positive events for children. If are trying to have a child, this is a good year for having one.

Jun 15 - Jul 15 (Gemini) Jupiter is transiting your fourth house. This is a great year for real estate or for your home. If you are in the market for a new house to purchase or even to rent, this year is a likely time to find one. If you are not wanting to move, then this is a good time to improve your existing home in some way. For some Geminis, this period may also produce a desire to purchase a car.

Jul 16 - Aug 16 (Cancer) Jupiter will improve the area of communications for you over the next year. In the process it will expand your relationship areas, making this year a likely one for improving the romantic area of life. This is also a very likely period for traveling more than usual.

Aug 17 - Sep 16 (Leo) Jupiter is passing through your financial house. In the process it is expanding and improving the areas of career, employment, and health. Any or all of these areas might produce a better experience during this period.

September 17- October 16 (Virgo) Jupiter will bring a wave of optimism and more self confidence in the next year. You might find that you have a big desire to move towards new projects and goals. It will also probably produce a number of positive events in various areas of life. If Virgo is your Sun Sign, then it could produce its positive influence in your career or your health. If it is your Moon Sign, then look for more interaction with friends, groups and the public. If it is your Arudha Lagna, or even your ascendant, look for an improvement in your public image and the way you present yourself to the world.

Oct 17 - Nov 15 (Libra) Jupiter will be transiting your twelfth house, so this year will move you in the internal direction. You might feel attracted to meditation or other inward practices. You might also travel more during the year. This is also a good transit for real estate and you could spend some money on improving your home.

Nov 16- Dec 15 (Scorpio) During this year, friendships improve and your association with groups of people might expand. This is also a very likely period for improvements in the romantic department.

Dec 16 - Jan 13 (Sagittarius) Jupiter is now moving through the career house. This could improve your work, and may even be beneficial for your finances. During this period you might find yourself coming up with lots of creative and industrious projects and plans. This period could also be beneficial for your health.

Jan 14 - Feb 12 (Capricorn) During this period, Jupiter will be passing through your ninth house. This will be a good year for travel. It also promotes education, as well as any contact with teachers, advisors, or professionals. It is also a generally good transit for finances.

Feb 13 - Mar 13 (Aquarius) This period will get you to redefine your finances and it is a good period for finances that are related to partnership, contracts, business, or that come from client-professional work. If you are married or in a relationship, this is a good time for your partner's finances. This period might also give you some support with anything related to your home.

Mar 14 - Apr 13 (Pisces) Jupiter is passing through your house of relationship, marriage, and partnership. So if you are not in a relationship, this period is a possibility. This is a period when you may benefit in various ways from the people around you. It improves friendships as well as the general area of communication.