Jupiter in Cancer

OK, take a deep breath! At my house that means mountain air! One of the things I like most about living at 4200 feet, in the middle of the Tahoe National forest, is the amazing quality of the air. It's thin, pure, and full of the smells of the forest. It is positively uplifting! In fact its Jupiterian.

Jupiter is the planet of everything that is uplifting and expansive. It is not actually the significator of the air element, that's Saturn's job, but it does represent positive expansion. So, when you expand your lungs with a breath of fresh air and feel uplifted, that is Jupiter's effect.


Jupiter Enters Cancer


June 18, 2014 - July 13, 2015

Jupiter will enter the sign of Cancer on June 18th. This is good news! Jupiter is the planet of abundance, dharma, knowledge, children, expansion, teachers, and everything that is supportive and positive. In the sign of Cancer, Jupiter is in its state of exaltation, so all of Jupiter's many positive significations should increase during this period.  


On the global level, during this transit, there may be general economic improvements. Of course, there are many other astrological factors that affect the global economy and suggest ongoing problems, however, Jupiter's transit of Cancer may offset these influences to some extent, and this might lead to a more positive economic outlook.


In terms of current events, the recent change of leadership in India may be a precursor to a general positive trend in the world. Jupiter is currently in Purnarvasu Nashatra, transiting the last part of the sign of Gemini. Punarvasu, in Sanskrit, means good again, new again, light again, or prosperous again. It is a nakshatra of renewal and improvement. It is ruled by Aditi, cosmic mother.


Once Aditi, the mother of all the gods, prayed to Vishnu because the Demons had captured heaven, and the gods had been banished to the underworld. Vishnu answered her prayer by giving her a son, an incarnation of Vishnu, named Vamana. When Vamana grew up, he kicked the demons out of heaven and restored the gods to their rightful place in heaven.  


In a way, the story of Punarvasu has been played out in India with the ousting of the previous, corrupt leadership. The new ruling party and their leader, Modi, may not be gods, but they do seem to represent a return to sanity in Indian politics. With 15 percent of the population of the world residing in India, this change is a good sign for the world in general. Perhaps it is just a precursor to a more positive trend which is about to start, with Jupiter's ingress in Cancer on June 18th.


Jupiter in Cancer for You

On the individual level, Jupiter will be bringing something positive to your life. What it offers you depends on the house in which the sign of Cancer is placed in your chart. The following is an interpretation of how Jupiter might influence your life for the better, during the period from June 18, 2014 - July 13, 2015, according to your Vedic Sun sign. Make sure you check the dates given for the Sun sign. Remember, Vedic astrology uses a different zodiac. Also, if you know your Vedic Lagna (rising sign), or Vedic Moon Sign, you can read the interpretation given for those signs as well.


Vedic Sun Signs

Apr 14 - May 14 (Aries) This period is good for real estate, home improvements, vehicles, education and your mother. You might also feel that your mood improves during this time.


May 15 - Jun 14 (Taurus) During this period you might travel. This is also a good time for education, and for the communications process. This period also supports relationships and friendships.


Jun 15 - Jul 15 (Gemini)   Jupiter will be passing through your second house, so your finances might improve during the transit. This period supports and expands your finances, career, and health.


Jul 16 - Aug 16 (Cancer) During this transit, Jupiter will produce more optimism in the form of plans, goals, projects, and people to see and places to go. You will probably feel that you are more optimistic than usual during the year.


Aug 17 - Sep 16 (Leo) This is an excellent time for travel, and it supports all things introspective. You might feel attracted to meditation and reflection. It's a great time to go on a retreat or a spiritual journey. You might also have opportunities in distant places.


Sep 17 - Oct 16 (Virgo) Jupiter will be passing through your eleventh house. Here it expands friendships, and allows you to benefit through friends and groups of people. This is also a good transit for finances, and it supports and promotes relationships.


Oct 17 - Nov 15 (Libra) Jupiter will be moving through your tenth house, the house of career. During this year, you might get a boost or opportunity in your career. Or you might just find that you have lots of new ambitious ideas that you want to implement. This should improve finances, and it is also generally good for health.


Nov 16- Dec 15 (Scorpio) This is a good year for travel. It also supports and expands your finances. This transit also promotes spiritual interests and education, either as a teacher or as a student.


Dec 16 - Jan 13 (Sagittarius) During this transit, you may redefine your finances. This might be a good time for generating money through clients, contracts, or to receive money from sources other than a paycheck.   This is also good for business and for the finances of your partner or your spouse.


Jan 14 - Feb 12 (Capricorn) Jupiter is in your seventh house, the house of partnership. This is a good period for finding a partner and for benefitting financially through partnership. In general, other people may be a source of opportunity to you during this year.


Feb 13 - Mar 13 (Aquarius) Jupiter is transiting through your sixth house, the house of health and employment. If you are not currently employed, this you might find a job during this year. If you are already employed, your job might improve in some way. During this period, you could also improve your health in some way.


Mar 14 - Apr 13 (Pisces) During this transit, Jupiter will be supporting and promoting children, creativity, education, and finances. This is a transit that could make you feel like luck is on your side.