Jupiter in Leo

OK, take a deep breath! At my house that means mountain air! One of the things I like most about living at 4200 feet, in the middle of the Tahoe National forest, is the amazing quality of the air. It's thin, pure, and full of the smells of the forest. It is positively uplifting! In fact its Jupiterian.

Jupiter is the planet of everything that is uplifting and expansive. It is not actually the significator of the air element, that's Saturn's job, but it does represent positive expansion. So, when you expand your lungs with a breath of fresh air and feel uplifted, that is Jupiter's effect.

Jupiter in Leo


July 13, 2015 - August 11, 2016


On July 13, 2015, Jupiter moved into Leo.  Jupiter’s annual change of signs is a big deal in astrology, since it opens up a whole new area of life that will benefit from Jupiter’s beneficence for the next year.  Jupiter is the king of the beneficial planets.  It signifies knowledge, abundance, truth, dharma, and all round expansive, supportive energy.   When Jupiter gets going in a sign, that sign and the house it occupies in your horoscope thrives. 

Here is an interpretation of Jupiter’s effect on your life during its transit of Leo.  Make sure you look at the birth dates that correspond to the Vedic sun signs carefully, since the zodiac in Vedic astrology is different from that of Western astrology.  If you happen to know your Moon sign, ascendant sign or your arudha lagna sign, you can read the interpretations given for those signs as well.


April 13- May 13  (Aries)  Jupiter is passing through your fifth house.  This is good for everything related to children, education, and romance.  It is also a period that expands your creative energy.

May 14 – June 13 (Taurus)   During this period you might change your residence, or simply spend some money to remodel or improve it.  This period also supports your mother, education, and general happiness.

June 14 – July 15 (Gemini)   During this period you might travel. This is also a good time for education.  Jupiter is passing through your third house, so it supports the whole area of communication.  This period might also produce a relationship, if you aren’t already in one.  Otherwise, it might improve your current relationship.

July 16 – August 15  (Cancer)   This period favors finances.  You might find that, by the end of Jupiter’s transit in Leo, you will have made more money than in in the previous year.   You will probably find this to be a supportive period for your work as well.    Your relationship with family members could improve.   This period can also be good for improving your health.

August 16 – September 15  (Leo)  This period will be very upbeat.  It should be good for your career, but it could include other expansive events such as travel, financial gains, or just about anything positive and exciting. 

September 16 – October 15 (Virgo)   During this year, you have a window of opportunity for travel.  Distant places and foreign countries will be a source of positive support, so if you travel, invest, or simply have contact with people from distant places, you will probably benefit.  This is also a great time for meditation, introspection and reflection, since Jupiter is passing through the main house of spirituality.

October 16 –November 14  (Libra)  Jupiter is now passing through your eleventh house.  This is the house of actualizing and materializing your desires.  During this year, you could finish projects, make more money, or simply acquire important (or not so important) things that you have always wanted.  During this period, your social circle could expand, and this is a good period for romantic relationships.

November 15 – December 14  (Scorpio)    Jupiter is transiting your tenth house, the house of career or action.  This will be a good period for your work or profession, giving you an extra dose of creative energy in the form of new ideas, projects, and general support.  This period also supports and expands finances and health.

December 15 – January 12  (Sagittarius)  During this year, Jupiter will be passing through your ninth house.  This could produce long distance travel, and it is also a great time for getting an education.  This is also a good period for finances.

January 13 – February 11  (Capricorn)  This period is good for your partner’s money, or for your own ability to derive financial gain from partnerships, clients, contracts, business, insurance, inheritance or investments.  This is also a great time for yoga or any other type of transformational therapy.

February 12 – March 13  (Aquarius)  Jupiter is passing through your seventh house, the house of relationship, marriage, and partnership.  During this period you can benefit from your interactions with people and will tend to create alliances.  If you looking for a relationship or partnership, this period looks promising. 

March 14 – April 12   (Pisces)  During this period you will probably experience support in your career area, since Jupiter is transiting your sixth house.   You might experience financial increase during this period.    It is likely that your health will improve as well.